Hypertype Inc.

We understand that Transcription is not just another service, but a partnership in which we are trusted to produce and return crucial documents.  We treat every dictation with as much professionalism and confidentiality as the next, all while saving time and money. 


Thank you for considering Hypertype Inc. in your choice of transcription companies.  Wether you're looking for a career or a side job, we are always looking for qualified individuals to help fulfill our clients needs.  We provide an easy-to-use platform, straight forward pay structure, remote support, and personal Account Managers, in an effort to simplify the transcription process.  Leaving you time to concentrate on whats important........the transcription.

The following test covers some common areas of Medical Transcription.  Upon completion, you will be able to review your scores for the short-answer section, and an email will automatically be sent to Hypertype with the long-answer section for our review.

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