Hypertype Inc.

We understand that Transcription is not just another service, but a partnership in which we are trusted to produce and return crucial documents.  We treat every dictation with as much professionalism and confidentiality as the next, all while saving time and money. 

About Us:

Hypertype Inc. has been providing quality transcription service to Emergency Departments, Hospitals, Clinics, Physician's Offices, and HMO's for over 45 years.  We are a proud member of the Health Information Management Association of New York City (HIMANYC), NY State Health Management Association (NYHIMA), and the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance.


  • Hypertype Inc. was founded in 1970.


  • The company successfully provides quality Medical Transcription Services to major hospitals and doctors offices throughout New York and the tri-state area, as well as many other areas of the Untied States.


  • Hypertype's main office is located in Lake George, NY.  It is proudly supported by a strong network of top medical transcriptionists throughout the United States, with decades of transcription experience.


  • We are proud of our 100% American Service. We will NEVER send any work outside of the United States. Our primary focus is on the QUALITY of our transcription, and we strongly believe in keeping our workforce 100% American.  Many transcription services cut cost by outsourcing their workforce, but Hypertype insists on a higher standard.

Hypertype Inc.  39 Halada Drive, Lake George, NY